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Tow Mart Clearance Marker & Strobe Lights

Product #: CPL25STRR

Tow Mart, Inc.

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Item Cost: $8.50
Frequently Asked Questions

We had this light manufactured so that it would be a 2 ½ inch marker light and when you hook it to a switch and turn it on, it becomes a strobe. We made a mistake in production and the strobe function does not override the marker light. So, you can hook to a switch like in the video below or hook the power to your marker lights and when you want to strobe it....turn your markers off and turn on the switch for strobe. Or just use all the lights on a switch and turn on markers and strobes separately with a DPDT switch, which we carry. We are offering these marker lights at a deep discount to sell them off. We offer them in red and amber. They work perfectly but the strobe won't override the marker light.....they must be turned on separately with a switch. The look of a rollback with all the markers strobing looks really nice and catches your eye!

Check out the video below to see this discounted strobe light in action!